First Frost: Easy Fall Fashion

First Frost Two

Life may be complicated, but style shouldn’t be. Here’s some easy fall fashion just in time for the first frost. The leaves are beginning to slowly turn from green to shades of burnt orange, deep burgundy and golden yellow. Soon they will present a full display of autumnal splendor before falling gracefully from the trees… [Read More]

When Intentions and Expectations Collide

When Intentions and Expectations Collide

The internet is funny for many reasons, but perhaps most of all for highlighting and exacerbating the inherent problem with knee jerk, instant reactions. We all move through the world carrying our own set of expectations. We expect people to act a certain way, treat us a certain way and react a certain way, often… [Read More]

SUPERSIZED Craft Haul Spotlight

Supersized Craft Haul

It’s time for a Supersized Craft Haul Spotlight Video! Woo hoo! I have a lot of incredible crafty friends and they’re all usually up to something fun filled and fabulous. I am a big believer in rising tides, friends helping friends and the general glittery goodness of shining the spotlight on others because that’s a… [Read More]

Old Girls Gone Wild

Old Girls Gone Wild Final

Old girls gone wild? Uh, kinda, yes! You may have noticed that things are getting a little more “real” around here. In my ongoing efforts to strip away the artifice, tell it like it is and bring on the full metal Madge, things are starting to gain traction. Woot. I am taking that as a… [Read More]

#ThursDIY Fall Fancies

DIY Fall Fancies

It’s that crafty good time again, boys and girls! We’ve got seven #thursDIY Fall Fancies to tickle your fancy as we head into those crisp, cool days of autumn. As always, if you’ve got a DIY you’d like to share with the class, you can leave a link in the comments or post on social… [Read More]

Surviving Abuse

surviving abuse

I have been working on this surviving abuse post for several months, but in the light of the recent Ray Rice case, I felt it was time to put it out there. We tend to blame the victim in these situations, particularly when the man is powerful, famous and rich. Inevitably the woman is painted… [Read More]

Fall for Color: Fab Fall Makeup

fall for color

We dressed you up in sweaters, and now we’re transitioning your make-up into a warm, toasty, spicy fall makeup palette. Yes, we know that not every gal gets all addlepated at the thought of a new lip gloss and if makeup isn’t your thing, more power to you. It’s your thing, do whatcha wanna do,… [Read More]

Sweater Weather: Cozy Fall Fashion

Sweater Weather One

Cozy Fall Fashion? Sign us up! It’s that time once again when a girl’s heart turns to the undeniable eternal love of sweaters and boots. Yes, sweater weather is just around the corner, making it that much easier to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative…or hide that shit under a stunning knit! Can I… [Read More]

GK Hair with Salon di Vita

GK Hair Rescue

So…I got this hair treatment done last week for my crazy hairs. My friend Angelina ReyesAlmandanat and her team worked their magic in this *GK Hair with Salon di Vita makeover! Big thank you to them for letting me try it out! I brought two cell phones with me and shot video so you could… [Read More]

Can We Talk? Great TV Hosts!

Great TV hosts

With the death of Joan Rivers, my recent failed big three network audition and the launch of the new web show, I’ve been contemplating what it takes to make a really good TV host. Not a cardboard cut out host that could be replaced by a thousand other cardboard cut out hosts, but a TV… [Read More]

Thanks for the Bacon, Joan

Thanks for the bacon Joan

I have a confession to make. I stole Joan River’s bacon. It isn’t as bad as it sounds, really. First of all, Joan is Jewish, so methinks she may not even eat bacon. Secondly, Joan weighs two pounds soaking wet, so I doubt if she could eat bacon that she actually would eat bacon. Thirdly,… [Read More]

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