Crash Course: Fall Fashion 101

Fall Fashion 101

It’s time for a dash of fash, this time we’ve got a Crash Course in Fall Fashion 101 with a definite campus vibe. You’re never too old to learn a few new fashion tricks, so don’t fret if you’re not a co-ed! You’ll make the grade for sure with these smart and stylish additions to… [Read More]

Frame it: Billion Dollar Brows for Kohl’s

Billion Dollar Brows Graphic

This is a sponsored post, this blogger was provided with product in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% her own. I have a confession to make. I am a serial brow over plucker. Yes, Doyennes, it’s true. To be fair, I have not been blessed in the eyebrow department. My brows are completely… [Read More]

Craft Your Stash Blog Hop

Crafty Stash Hop

Hello, Crafty Campers! Welcome to the Craft Your Stash Blog Hop! You may remember my recommending Lisa Fulmer’s fab new book Craft Your Stash in my recent Supersized Craft Haul video. Well, in case you didn’t get the memo, it’s terrific. Lisa is terrific. This is a really great book filled with really great ideas…. [Read More]

Wish Them Love, Walk Away

wish them love walk away one

Hey Howdy Hey, Doyennes! We’ve turned this post into a podcast video too, if you want to listen while you work instead of read, we’ve got you covered. This is part of a whole array of media we’ll be creating in the coming months, including videos, interviews and podcasts. We’ll be working towards getting these… [Read More]

8 Fab Fall DIY Projects

8 fab fall DIY projects

Happy #ThursDIY, Doyennes! Huzzah! We’ve got another delightful round-up this week. Check out these 8 Fab Fall DIY Projects from some of the coolest kids in the craftiverse. As always, if you want to share with the class, post on social media with #ThursDIY! We’d love to see your creations. Then grab a cuppa your… [Read More]

When Asthma Won’t Improve

Generally, I refrain from discussing my physical problems on the internet, for several reasons. Firstly, ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s face it, hearing people talk about their various and sundry illnesses is depressing. A post now and again, we offer our love and prayers and best wishes and then we all move on…. [Read More]

Choosing Joy: Tune in to a New Frequency

New Frequency

I don’t really have all of the answers, most of the answers, maybe not even some of the answers. I’m just a person stumbling through my life and sometimes in the lucid moments, I think things and think maybe they have some value. I write to work things out, then I share what I write… [Read More]

Here Comes Honey Glue Glue

Honey Glue Glue

(This post is available in printed version OR you can listen to the Podcast video version below! Yup, we’re getting all fancy pants, people. We’ll be sharing more videos and podcasts regularly on YouTube, we’d love it if you’d subscribe below!) I was contacted yesterday by a reality show casting agent looking for a fun… [Read More]

Aging Gracefully? Ain’t Nobody’s Business What You Do

Aging Gracefully

(Photo by Chalmers Butterfield) Autumn, for me, is a time of introspection, of folding inward, of shedding illusions, of baring truths. It can feel melancholic because releasing attachment and letting go of myths is, in a sense, a loss. We get very comfortable carrying our baggage. We get used to carrying baggage that no longer… [Read More]

Nine DIY Whimsies and Delights

#thursDIY Whimsies and Delights

It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for DIY! In point of fact it’s #thursDIY! Break out your glue guns, we’re about to get our craft on, people. This week we have 9 DIY whimsies and delights that are sure to tickle your fancy It’s all feeling very soft and girly, which is a little unusual… [Read More]

First Frost: Easy Fall Fashion

First Frost Two

Life may be complicated, but style shouldn’t be. Here’s some easy fall fashion just in time for the first frost. The leaves are beginning to slowly turn from green to shades of burnt orange, deep burgundy and golden yellow. Soon they will present a full display of autumnal splendor before falling gracefully from the trees… [Read More]

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