Fab Fall DIY

Fab Fall DIY

Its #thursDIY and we’re BACK people! It’s that magical, craftacular time of the week when we share a little craftspiration for your craftertainment. Let’s see how many times I can use the word craft in this post, shall we? Craft up a little fun at your casa with this round up of Fab Fall DIY!… [Read More]

I Give You The Corn Maze

Maize Maze Graphic

Since moving back to PA, my family and I decided to try once again to conquer a Corn Maze. We’ve had less than stellar experiences in the past, but apparently we are insane as we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Or maybe not, because at this point we’re pretty clear that… [Read More]

World Wide Creative Blog Hop

hop header

Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I have been down the rabbit hole that is video editing. An epic video that was ready to roll Monday morning and then we hit a glitch in the matrix. By epic, I mean five minutes. I can’t imagine editing a full length video, but baby steps,… [Read More]

7 Wicked Good Halloween Projects

Wicked Good Halloween Projects

Hello, Ghouls and Boys, All Hallow’s Eve approaches and we’ve got 7 Wicked Good Halloween projects to whet your crafty whistle. Be not afraid, these are all “wicked easy” to DIY. (For those who have not traveled to Massachusetts, wicked means super awesome, not super evil around those parts.) Get your spooky on, crafty style!… [Read More]

Madge’s Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

Spicy Chicken Soup

It’s soup weather around these parts. Nothing takes the chill out of the air quite like a big pot of soup simmering on the stove. It’s the perfect meal and if you make enough, it’s easy to freeze, thaw and enjoy later. I searched and searched for a great recipe but I couldn’t find one… [Read More]

Miss Madge’s Simple Rules for Better Internetiquette

Miss Madge Rules

Miss Madge is fully aware of the fact that it is well neigh impossible to set rules for the internet, but, much like the Wild West or Daytona during Spring Break, people get out of control rather quickly without a few general guidelines of socially acceptable behavior. We do not have to get dragged into… [Read More]

Internetiquette with Miss Madge: Internet Expectations

Miss Madge

Today’s installment from Internetiquette with Miss Madge comes from a recent comment on a five year old jewelry making tutorial on my The Impatient Crafter blog. Way back when the post was created, bloggers were not jumping through quite as many hoops to please the peanut gallery on the internets. We did not feel compelled… [Read More]

New Podcast!

A birthday message for my daughter on her sweet sixteen.

Hello, Doyennes! Happy Friday! Time for a new podcast video! I am excited to share a new podcast with a video montage featuring the most popular post on this site. Last February, I wrote a post for my daughter who was turning 16. I never imagined it would take on a life of its own,… [Read More]

9 Scary Good Halloween Projects

9 scary good halloween projects

It’s #ThursDIY and we’ve got 9 scary good Halloween projects for your craftertainment! Nothing to be afraid of here, except a little crafty fun. Grab your boo and fire up your glue gun, it’s all kinds of SPOOKtacular. Huzzah! Join Trinkets in Bloom for a Day of the Dad make-up tutorial! Break out your electric… [Read More]

12 BOOtiful DIY Halloween Projects

12 Bootiful DIY Projects

I haven’t been on the ball (or perhaps the pumpkin) this Halloween with the DIY. The moving, the purging and the lack of space for knick-knacks in the new home have all combined to make it less practical and pressing for me to whip up new decorations. I wasn’t even able to find a place… [Read More]

The Fool’s Journey

Fool's Journey

In the Tarot, the first card is the fool. Blissfully skipping along at the start of his journey, dog nipping at his heels, flower in hand, about to step off of the precipice into the abyss. He is completely unaware of the danger just moments ahead. The fool is the first card, but it is… [Read More]

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