Six Fall Into DIY Projects

6 Fall Into DIY Projects

School’s back in session and fall is just around the corner. We’ve got Six Fall Into DIY Projects that are perfect to transition you from summer into autumn without skipping a beat! You can deck yourself out with a new do, cute cuffs, bouncy curls and whip up some funky pencils for your funky new… [Read More]

Busy Bee Buzz Buzz


Hello Doyennes! Busy bee buzz buzz. I am slowly learning how to edit video. I will hopefully be sharing my new #michaelshaul video on Thursday, so stay tuned! Mr. Potter has been in charge of the video editing task in the past. He’s busy with a full time job and it’s come to this. We’ll… [Read More]

Various and Sundries

51st birthday Madge

This is going to be what one might call various and sundries or a rambling or stream of consciousness post or something like that. I have a lot of thoughts in my head today and they’re all jockeying for position at the forefront. It’s been a busy summer with moving and unpacking and rebooting and… [Read More]

No Heat Curls Flapper Style!

Flapper Hair Five

This is it, our first video in the MadgeMade.Media web series. This is just a start and admittedly a small one. The new site is not ready yet, but eventually we will be moving from here to there. Don’t worry, it will be mostly painless. Every great journey starts with one small step, am I… [Read More]

#ThursDIY 7 Back to School DIY Projects

Back to School DIY Projects

Aw, yiss. It’s ThursDIY again! we have a fun filled fabulous round-up of 7 Back to School DIY Projects to decorate your dorm room, your school supplies and…you! Lots of fun to fill up the final dog days of summer with crafty goodness. We’re using the hashtag: #ThursDIY and you can join the party by… [Read More]

So be it.

so be it

The older I get, the less I care about coloring inside of the lines. The older I get, the less I need everyone else to like me, understand me, accept me or define me. The older I get, the more I realize that being who you are without filters or apology or fear is the… [Read More]

Snack Alert: Hershey’s Special Dark Edition

snack alert

SNACK ALERT! Yesterday we had the occasion to visit one of our favorite places on earth, Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s filled to the brim with all manner of tasty candy treats manufactured by Hershey’s. We discovered two ‘new to us’ delights which I am excited to virtually share with my… [Read More]

#thursDIY 7 Great DIY Projects

thursDIY 7 Great DIY Projects

It’s that magical, craftacular time when we share our weekly DIY delights and as always, you are invited to the party! To make even more fun and interactive, we’re all using the hashtag #thursDIY to post on social media. If you post your projects with that hashtag, it will be easier for everyone to find… [Read More]

to bob or not to bob

To Bob or Not to Bob

To bob, or not to bob? That is the question. As I have established in earlier posts, I have crazy hair. It’s thick. It’s wild. It’s gotten weirder with every passing year, much like the lady upon which it sits. I recently moved into a 150 year old stone home that lacks central air and…quite… [Read More]

All Stories are the Same

All Stories are the Same

All Stories are the same… I spent a good portion of my younger  years feeling profoundly sad. I learned how to expertly hide it, how to carefully smooth the wrinkles, how to artfully divert attention and therefore convince myself and those around me that I was fine. This was my way of navigating the pain… [Read More]

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Purse with Mr. Micknit

Ugly Christmas Sweater Purse One

When a legendary fashion designer’s team contacts you and asks if you’d like to check out a cool new DIY kit they’ve developed you say, “AW YISS!” or something like that. Insert your exclamatory phrase. Whatever you say, if it’s conversational knitwear originator Michael Simon and the Mr. Micknit Stick On Holiday Patch Kit team,… [Read More]