Trend Watch: Orange Lipstick Trend

Orange Crush Two copy

Color us delighted with the orange lipstick trend, Doyennes! A shade that works on every skin color, orange is a delicious alternative to red or pink. It’s an instant complexion and mood brightener adding that perfect pop of pow to your pout! We’ve *gathered up 8 of our favorites with everything from a blush of… [Read More]

1960s Inspired Style: Mad for Mod!

Mad for Mod

We’re mad for mod here at DIY doyenne, in fact we’re mad for all things vintage inspired and retrofabulous. We’ve put together a look with 1960s inspired style in the spirit of Marlo Thomas on  That Girl. The focus is on Y O U with a cheerful color palette and plethora of playful accessories. Perfectly… [Read More]

Salvatore Ferragamo: Iconic Figures in Fashion


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe As a girl who loves shoes, collects shoes, covets shoes and yes, occasionally, obsesses over shoes, a well made shoe is in my mind a true work of art. Few artists in the world of shoes compare to the amazing Salvatore… [Read More]

9 Divine Summer DIY Projects

9 divine summer diy projects

It’s ThursDIY! Summertime and the crafting is easy! We’ve got a round-up of 9 Divine Summer DIY Projects from some of the biggest names in crafts with our usual pu pu platter of virtual creativity!  We’ve got wearables, decor, giftables and so much more! I’m feeling inspired, how about you, Doyennes?

Punk Chic Jewelry Book Review

header with price

Book Review Punk Chic Jewelry: 16 DIY jewelry projects to add an urban edge to your wardrobe Erin Seigel for Ornamentea May 22, 2014 You may not know that back in my wayward youth I was part of the alternative music post punk scene in the Bay Area. I sang in a “cow punk” band… [Read More]

Freight Train

Freight Train

Sometimes life comes at you like a freight train filled with glitter. The rush is exhilarating. The impact knocks you off of your feet. Swimming in a pile of glitter isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. It might actually be the best thing to happen to a person. How’s that for… [Read More]

Modern Surrealist for Sizzix Blog Hop

Prep School Cool Double LS

Hippity hoppity, it’s blog hop time! We’ve got a Prep School Cool mixed media bracelet for the *Modern Surrealist for Sizzix Blog Hop and a chance for you to win a FABULOUS prize! My gal pal Marisa Pawelko has a totally awesome new 80s inspired die cut line. It’s playful and fun, aimed at tweens… [Read More]

Pin-Up Style Bathing Suits

pin up style bathing suits

Break out the sunscreen, Doyennes! We’ve gathered up 12 *Retrofabulous Pin-Up Style Bathing Suits just in time for summer! We do hope you enjoy. Oh, Cabana boy!

#ThursDIY Saucy Summer Projects

Saucy Summer Projects

Happy Fourth of July to all of my American readers!  It’s a little dreary here on the East Coast, but we’re hoping for the clouds to break so we can break out the grill and catch some fireworks! In the meantime, we’re breaking out the glue guns for some #ThursDIY Saucy Summer Projects. Whatever you’re… [Read More]

Miss Madge

Miss Madge

Welcome to Internetiquette with Ms. Madge, whereupon we will visit from time to time the baffling comments that people feel compelled to spew across the internets. Miss Madge keeps her tongue firmly planted in her cheek at all times and may be love child of Miss Manners and Dorothy Parker. This week’s installment, book reviews…. [Read More]

You are magic

you are magic

If you focus on the risks, they’ll multiply in your mind and eventually paralyze you. You want to focus on the task, instead, on doing what needs to be done.” Barry Eisler You are magic. Once you accept that, everything changes.