Peeps Martini Cocktail

Peeps Martini One

I have an infatuation with all things Peeps.  I’ve made Peeps jewelry, Edible Peeps Centerpieces (one that worked and one that failed) and now, after some careful and meticulous research I have developed what I believe to be my crowning Peeps achievement.  Behold the Peeps Martini Cocktail or the Peeps-tini if you will. If you won’t, I will. Yes, yes I will. Toast spring with a cheerful *low calorie libation that’s sure to leave them asking for more!

Peeps Martini Three

Peeps Martini or Peeps-tini Cocktail
Here’s what you need:

1 1/2 shots Pinnacle or Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka (chilled-I keep mine in the freezer)
1/2 cup heavy cream (chilled)-try fat free 1/2 and 1/2 for a lower cal version
2 tbsp. blue sugar
2 drops neon blue food coloring
Multi-colored non-pareils
Martini glass
Peeps candy (I used the new Party Cake Peeps)

Mix the sugar into the cream stirring until the sugar dissolves and turns the cream blue.  Add two drops of neon food coloring to kick it up a notch.  You can opt to use green, pink or yellow to coordinate with your Peeps candies.  Pour a small amount of colored cream on a plate.  Pour non-pareils on a second plate.  Dip edge of martini glass into cream to wet.  Wipe off any excess that drips below edge, leave edge wet!  Dip wet edge into non-pareils and coat.  Add vodka to colored cream and stir.  Pour into glasses.  Use a knife to cut a slit into Peep and place on edge of glass.

Peeps Martini Five

And that’s Madge’s Peeps Martini Cocktail!  Cheers, dahling.  If apple’s are your thing, try Madge’s Fall Down Apple Cider cocktail.  Stay tuned for more over the top cocktails coming soon to DIY Doyenne.  **The testing is the hardest part.


* This is not a low calorie libation.

** No it’s not.

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  1. alison says

    that’s adorable! I must admit- I too love peeps. Actually anything marshmallow & I am in. I haven’t tried the marshmallow vodka yet- I will have to try it now- darn it!
    Happy Friday!

  2. jean baldridge yates says

    I did not believe this til I saw it! And I saw it here!!! wow! Great job!!! xox jean


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